Candidates guide:

Candidates can post resume on the site, browse jobs and apply for jobs for free.

To register or login, just click on "Candidate Login." 

After you register for free, click on the Candidate Login and then login into your account.

This job board is dedicated to all industries

Sources  of Job does not hire or recommends any employers. Candidates have to search employers ads or listings and apply for jobs and deal with those employers directly.

On the Contrary, if you have any questions regarding any part of the site or using the site, one of our team member will assist you. Just send us a message/email. 

If you need a direct voice assistance, please provides your phone number in the message and a representative will call you.

Only verify employers will be able to see your resume. Other candidates or regular visitors to the website cannot see your resumes or other of your information. Only registered employers can see your resume.

After You Login to Your Account:

After login, click on your name that shows up at the right top of the screen and then click on Profile.

Candidates can then manage their accounts, complete application, upload resume, and apply for jobs. 

The Birth Day request or slot is optional. However, we may not be able to identify you if you forget your password and need our assistance to restored it. Also, have your DOB in place may also allow employers to quickly make a decision on your application.

There is a Choose File option where you can upload your resume file when you click on Settings.

Complete your profile application honestly and to the best of your knowledge, so when you apply to a job, the employer already has the information to make a quick decision.

Candidates can upload a picture on their profile, but keep in mind that employers will see that picture when looking at your application.

Always remember to SAVE your work when filling out your profile application before moving on to the next section.

Under Setting, always select what apply to you or what you want employers to see. For Example, candidates have to select or check the box "Make Me Searchable", if candidates want all employers to see their profiles/applications, when employers conducted resume search. Also, when candidates upload their resumes, candidates must select or check the box, if candidate wants it to be 'Make Public' to job they apply to. Job you apply to, only that employers will see your information including resume. 

Only employers for the jobs you apply to will see your application, if you do not select "Make Me Searchable." Other employers will not see your application in search. So your application will be private and viewable to only the job you apply to. 

It is very important that you complete all sections of your profile, so that your application will standout from others to employers.

Just keep in mind, if candidates do not select or check the box "Make me Searchable", employers will not be able to find candidate application and resume. Also, remember to always SAVE your work or any changes you make to your profile and or application.

Candidates can always go back and edit their profiles after candidate created an account. Just login to your account and edit it, like fill in missing information or change information.

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