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Free 10 Days trial for first listing. Post your first job for free for 10 Days. Only new registered employers qualify. No credit card needed for the trial. Only one listing allows for the free trial for each employer.

Source of Job provides employers with the tools to find the right candidates for their business. Employers can post listing for 20-40 days for a competitive price.

Employers must register to have full access to all the tools available including posting ads, edit ads, and browse resumes. It is free to register.

To register or login, just click on "Employer Login." 

When employers registered and login to their accounts, they can click on their register name, which will appears at the top right of the page to utilize all the tools. 

We use the safest payment method, which is Stripe. Source of Job price is the most competitive in the job board industry.

Employers can upload a picture like a company logo or picture when completing their profiles. The picture will shows up on all jobs employers posted. This will make employer listing looks official.

However, when employers put their logo or company name on the ad or listing, candidates will call employers' company instead of registered and send a resume.

Employers can also make it clear at the top or bottom of the listing that Only Candidates that send Resume in will consider for the Position and no Phone Call is Acceptable.

#1 Job Board

To Paste document when creating a job listing in or under the Job Description area, Simple click on Tools, then Click on Source Code. A Blank page will appears. Click the Right mouse and then click on Paste, Then click on OK at the bottom of the page.

The paste document will them drop in the Description page. You can them edit the document the way you want it to shows in the listing.

Just remember, before perform the above activities, you have to copy the document first.

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